When your fur-baby visits at All Breed Pet Parlor, they get that stress-less care session first and foremost. Each pet groom is completed quickly without rushing, gently without fuss, with the love and care you give them and expect from others.

Many of our long-term furry clients know they're coming - and they look forward to their visit.
Laura says, "My grooming process is specific to each pet's individual needs, I am extremely thankful for the ability to get to know each pet as an individual. I believe that groomers should be fair patient and gentle leaders of our furry companions and I aim to be one they look forward to visiting!

I have always had a deep admiration for dogs, their differing personality traits and how they relate specifically to the grooming process. A dogs loyalty, confidence, independent spirit, laid back attitude, shy ones who are need of special loving care. I find their adaptability awe inspiring.

It’s an honor to care for and spend time with each pet over my 10+ years as a professional pet groomer. I have been able to learn from each interaction with the pets I welcome to my salon and am beyond thankful for each opportunity to spend time with my pet clients!"

My understanding of your dogs’ personality helps improve their grooming experiences. This also helps us avoid unnecessary confrontations, or potential challenges along the way. Not all dogs enjoy being around other canines, or having their feet touched or nails trimmed and there’s nothing wrong with that. Dogs often possess many of these personality traits. Knowing why your dog acts the way he/she does is one crucial part of building a strong bond and healthy relationship that will last a lifetime, one I am honored to hold and keep.

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All Breed Pet Parlor, an established grooming service business serving clients by appointment in the Madison WI area for over 18 years.
Laura Thompson, who is a dog's human herself, is the owner and sole proprietor of All Breed Pet Parlor. She has been professionally caring for our fur-babies for over 9 years. Click here to visit her client photo gallery.
The Confident Dog is a natural born leader of the pack. He’s a team player and ready to take charge of a situation. 
The Independent Dog is more standoffish and may not form a strong bond with a groomer he doesn’t see as his leader.
The Laid Back, Happy Dog is always ready to greet everyone he meets, whether he knows them or not.
The Shy/Timid Dog needs a groomer who can give calm, consistent and patient understanding care, with added sensitivity to his/her needs and feelings.
The Laid Back, Happy Dog is always ready to greet everyone he meets, whether he knows them or not ---- most commonly seen in puppies and dogs that have been well cared for throughout all of their grooming processes. 
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